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713 News and Updates

To the 713 Thunderbolt Family,


It is my sad duty to inform you of the sudden passing of Captain Marion Pengelly Squadron Supply Officer and Past Commanding Officer and one of my dearest friends.

Information regarding services and memorial will be posted to the Squadron Facebook Page and Website as it become available.

Her dedication and presence will be greatly missed and is an immeasurable loss to the Squadron and the Canadian Cadet Movement.

Our Deepest and Sincerest Condolences go out to her surviving son Edward and Granddaughter Kristen

 In Mourning,

Capt. Markovic CD,

Commanding Officer,
713 Thunderbolt Squadron
RC(Air) CS



Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget. On October 22nd, 2014, 9:40 am 

Early morning with the sun rising and burning the mist off the ground. A lone soldier standing guard next to a monument. His C-7 rifle dug into the ground. His magazine empty. 5 tourists standing in a group with bowed heads in silence showing respect to the fallen soldiers of years past. 9:50 am. A videocamera turns on. A man with long, greasy, black hair and a dead serious face on, tells to the camera he is going to end an innocent life just to prove a political point. 9:52 am. The man with the long greasy black hair arrived near Ottawa’s Tomb of the unknown soldier. 9:53 am. The man exited his car with swaggering arrogance he wore a white and black scarf a black sweater and black cargo pants with, a Winchester rifle. 9:53 am. The man starts to walk at a very fast pace with so much swaggering arrogance and how confident he was on accomplishing his mission that everyone around him shied away as he approached to let him pass by. 9:54 am. He arrives at his objective. His target notices him and his target starts to run to find any type of protection or shelter. The man with the long greasy black hair swiftly raised the butt of the Winchester rifle up to his shoulder and aimed. 9:55 am. 3 shots Cpl Nathan Cirillo layed bleeding out on the cold ground.


Cpl Cirillo left a son his parents, 2 sisters and a dog. 11 am. A phone rings. An older lady picks up the phone and hears the voice of an emotional man telling her that her son was shot and killed this morning, a man sitting on the couch in their living room reading a newspaper asks his wife who's on the phone, she ends the call and puts it back on the phone charger and turns around slowly with tears coming out of her eyes the husband noticed she was crying and stood up putting his paper on the couch and went to start comforting her with a hug and he asked what happen? she told him that their son was shot and killed this morning. The father walked back 2 steps and then fell on both knees and started crying and shouting out to god asking him why he let this happen to his son. Later on Nathan’s 2 sisters are also informed of the death of their brother. But the biggest challenge for everyone was that someone had to inform the heartbreaking news to his 5 year old son. His cheeks and eyes were soaked in tears. for the next 4 weeks, his dog waited with his head peeking out of the bottom of the wooden fence waiting for Cpl Cirilo to return back home, he waited in vain. This shows that as a full time soldier or even a reserve soldier you sacrifice your life at every single moment you put on your military uniform. That makes you very important for everyone. The uniform should make people feel that they are safe and protected.


Cpl Cirillo knew that he would be sacrificing his life at every single moment he put on his uniform just to make everyone feel safe and protected, so If there was any possible way i could go back to the moment I met and spoke to Nathan Cirillo i would tell him “ Thank you. Thank you for wearing that uniform and sacrificing every single moment of your life.” Lest we forget Cpl Nathan Cirillo.


Sgt. Jakubczynski                                               

713 Thunderbolt squadron Stoney Creek 


Remembrance Day 2018


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